The “Wally Mackey Success Story” has been published in Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Money magazines to explain how his uniquely managed long-term retirement strategies outperformed the stock market by 2:1 for two decades.  Using a combination of financial products over the years, he and his wife created a multi-million-dollar retirement plan to ensure their special needs child, Lorelei, would never have to worry about running out of money.  You should take the time to study his profitable approach in the privacy of your own home!  Request his free DVD for details.


Anyone one can sell you a financial product, but only a few advisers have the knowledge to help you manage the product to make money!  Wally Mackey, RFC®, is a Lifetime Charter Member with a Master Certification from the Harry S. Dent Advisers Network.  Economist Dent’s economic research and timely forecasts play an important role in managing the various options of the recommended products.

Annuities are products guaranteed by a life insurance company.  But, it’s important to understand annuities come in five different forms: immediate, variable, income, fixed, and fixed indexed.  So, when you hear the term “annuity”, you need to know which type is being discussed.

The traditional fixed indexed annuity introduced in 1995 is an account like a bank savings account.  You open the account by transferring money from anther account or by check.  The money earns a fixed interest rate declared annually by the company’s board of directors; or in some years you will want to elect to have the rate calculated by the previous 12-month gain of an index.  You withdraw money as needed to supplement your social security check.  Upon death, the balance of the account passes to your beneficiaries.  Some contracts offer an immediate cash bonus to enhance this income tax-deferred retirement account – including non-IRA accounts.  The account is protected against lawsuits and creators.    Had you started your account in 1997 and followed his complimentary retirement plan on how to manage the interest rate selected year after year (steered by Economist Harry Dent’s research and forecasts), you would have earned a 9% average annual return.  In some years, his personal accounts earned over 25% - which he has never lost due to stock market fluctuations!  You never lose any money, never pay any fees, and never pay any commissions!    


The consumption of goods and services drives the economy.  Consumption is the engine, but it is running out of stream.  Harry Dent forecasts a major stock market crash ahead.  Individuals age 46-50 statistically are deemed the nation’s peak spenders (usually because they are parents of teen-agers).  The number of peak spenders began to decline in 2008, and the number of affiliate peak spenders began to decline in late 2015 – accelerating the downward trend through 2022.  By the end of 2018, the Dow will likely have dropped by 80%.  Gold and other commodities will decline as well; leaving most investors losing massive amounts like 2008-2009.