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Wally Mackey, RFC® and his daughter, Tamara Christians, RFA®, are well-known for their registered trademark, “Money Strategies Using Something Guaranteed Safe®.”  For two decades, no client has ever lost any money!  Now, in 2017, as the nation awaits to see what happens next, they have introduced two new financial products to enhance your retirement plan!


Bank products were never intended to be used for retirement planning!  As everyone knows, interest rates on bank CDs were set at near-zero by the Federal Reserve several years ago.  Although the money is safe, you cannot quickly accumulate money.  If you deposited $100,000 in a bank CD paying 0.35% annually, the account would have earned only $3,556 after ten years.

Many people have transferred their retirement money to a stock market brokerage account and hired a financial planner to manage it.  But, over the last two decades the stock market has experienced several “Boom and Bust Cycles, as predicted by Economist Harry S. Dent in 1993.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index was credited in the early 1900s to daily track the price changes of these thirty companies, and most investors compare the trend performance of their investments with the Dow’s trend.  Data shows about 20% of the portfolios match or surpass the Dow.  80% fall short to earn less than 4.7% annually, less fees and commissions. 


Generations of retirement planning products have evolved over the years.  When your parents retired, they likely had a pension, social security, and a bank savings account.  In the mid-1990s, the financial planners started marketing campaigns to attract bank savers into mutual funds, and Wally Mackey became a financial planner when there were 650 funds on the market.  Today, there are thousands of mutual funds.  Then, after the “Tech Stock” crash in the early 2000s, retirement planners promoted variable annuities and a well-balances stock and bond portfolio as safety nets.  Finally, the annuity industry introduced the costly guaranteed lifetime income riders to provide a flat monthly retirement check for the rest of your life – but it doesn’t offset inflation.

In 2017, Wally Mackey began offering the latest generation of products specifically designed accumulate wealth.  Unlike the guaranteed lifetime income products, this strategy focuses on earning greater returns beginning with an immediate 10% cash incentive bonus.

The yield is linked to a modern index construction designed to reduce risk and leverage positive momentum.  This is different from the traditional indexes like the Dow and the S&P 500 Index.  The new index is offered by major well-known financial institution to leverage the performance of a combination of domestic equities, international equities, emerging markets equities, gold, real estate, and bonds.  Diversification, positive momentum, and risk control generates consistent returns in good and bad market environments (such as the “Boom and Bust Cycles forecast by Economist Harry S. Dent).  Wally Mackey and Tamara Christians will teach you how correction, momentum, and risk control is measured daily to enhance the yield on your retirement plan.

Let’s make a comparison.  A $500,000 investment portfolio which matched the performance of the Dow for the ten-year period ending on January 1, 2017, would have increased to $792,883 for a 4.7% average annual return.  But, if you had placed the same $500,000 in this new indexed strategy, your account would have grown to $1,209,582 by January 1, 2017 for an 8.20% average annual return.  That’s 52.5% more than the investment portfolio.  Plus, the earnings would have been income tax-deferred, protected against lawsuits and debtor claims, you could have immediately taken systematic withdrawals to supplement your social security, and created a meaningful legacy for your beneficiaries!  And, it’s something guaranteed safe!

Interest is applied to the accumulated value at the end of a 2-year period.  The highest 10-year period generated a 12.20% annual geometric mean interest rate.  The lowest 10-year period was 7.94%.  Plus, the cash walk away value at the end of the second year was greater than original purchase price.  That’s great liquidity!  The two-year illustration (February 2015 - February 2017) paid an 8.50% annualized return.


The "First Position Commercial Mortgage" is a better short-term solution for your money.  This is a 1-year bridge loan to make improvements on a commercial property.  The bridge loan is secured by a valuable hard asset - the subject property itself.  Each property holds a low loan-to-value ratio.  That means the property that secures these First Position Commercial Mortgage is worth more than the loan at closing.  

As a private lender, you are recorded on title and acquire a first lien position on these notes.  Lenders are paid immediate monthly interest payments at a fixed annual rate of five percent (5%) for 1 year with a $100,000 minimum, six percent (6%) with a $500,000 minimum, and seven percent (7%) with a $1,000,000 minimum. For details, listen to the audio CD (Wally Mackey’s interview with the Tampa Christian radio station) included in the free information kit. 

The contract is administrated by a management team with over 35 years of experience offering financial opportunities.  As an added feature, the company (rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau) issues a promissory note to guarantee the payment of the monthly interest checks and to return the money at the end of the term.  Since 2007, the company has originated tens of thousands of these contracts involving billions of dollars.  Everyone received their interest check and money returned on time.

This 12-month contract provides an immediate steady stream of income.  If you place $100,000 in a money market account, your monthly interest check will be around $70.83.  If you place $100,000 in this strategy, your monthly interest check will be $416.67 a month.

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