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As seen in Forbes – June 30, 2014


When Wally Mackey became a financial planner, he immediately discovered a problem.  He had been trained to sell products he wouldn’t buy himself: mutual funds and variable annuities.

Realizing that clients often rode an investment gains-and-losses-roller-coater and driven by the need to put his own financial house in order – Mackey created a way to climb out of debt, avoid fees, protect against losing money and amass millions for retirement.  That’s what he and his wife did!

"If you want to be successful, then do what I have done!" – Wally Mackey

He designed new financial strategies, which he later trademarked as “Money Strategies Using Something Guaranteed Safe®.”  It’s an approach designed to provide a high rate of success, according to Mackey.


Mackey acknowledges he’s not a traditional financial adviser.  Instead, he teaches people how to be their own financial advisers.  He introduced his approach in a 1998 booklet,: "Retirement Planning: A Complete Guide to Your Retirement Years by Surviving the Baby Boomers’ New Toy: The Stock Market".  Later,he trademarked it “Financial Planning for the Rest of Your Life®.”

“The basic idea of what I’m doing is I’m putting people in a safe product – you just don’t lose money,” Mackey says.  “If you want to be successful, then do what I have done!  I’ve got 1,800 clients.  I’ve never lost a client.  They make money.”

Now, to bring continuity to the company, Mackey has welcomed his daughter, Tamara Christians, into his business.  She will serve clients both in Tampa and Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she lives.


Mackey teaches his unique, copyrighted approach through personal, on-on-one training sessions.  The steps necessary for a safe retirement use Economist Harry S. Dent’s economic forecasts.  As a Lifetime Charter Member with a Master Certification from the Harry S. Dent Advisers Network, Mackey is licensed to present a financial strategy with a record of success.

“Anyone can sell you a financial product,” he says.  “Then, what? To be financially independent, you must know how to manage your own money.  It’s your money, your retirement plan, and your responsibility to be successful.  As a teaching adviser, I train people how to be as successful as my family.  It’s so easy, thousands have already succeeded.”

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